• Unique software applications where no off-the-shelf solution is readily available
  • Small businesses upgrading from older technology or computerizing for the first time
  • Business Applications such as order processing and inventory control, food service, medical offices, law offices, financial accounting and general office administration
  • Individual users who like PC’s with serious horsepower
Skills and Affiliations:

How and who we serve:

Our Experience


Ø  Microsoft Certified Partner – assures access to latest technology
Ø  Intel Software Partner – also assures access to latest technology
Ø  Database – Design, Implementation and Support (Access and SQL)
Ø  Microsoft Office – sales, installation, customization and training
Ø  Equipment Sales – computers, printers, network and communication hardware
Ø  PC Service and Support – Certified by the Computer Technology Industry Association
Ø  Local Area Networks – setup and support (certified by Microsoft and CompTIA)

DATATECH has completed many projects from small to large including networks from 2 to 50 users. Principal Vic Smith earned the “Certification Systems Professional” designation from the Institute for the Certification of Computer Professionals long ago and has been recertified as a “Certified Computing Professional” every three years.